Gas Regulators


Gas Regulators

We are Authorized Distributor of Branded Company for wide range of gas regulators which play an important role in our daily operations of gas chromatograph. Our company manufactures various types of single stage and double stage regulators with indigenous, imported gauges in Brass, S.S body with S.S Diaphragms. Gas regulators manufactured /supplied by us are leak proof and indicates correct pressure & are smooth in operation.

Single- or Two-Stage: The duration of gas use time helps to identify whether a single-stage or two-stage regulator provides the best service.

A single-stage regulator reduces cylinder pressure to the delivery or outlet pressure in one step. This type of gas regulator is recommended when precise control of the delivery pressure is not required because delivery pressure variations will occur with decreasing cylinder pressure.

A two-stage regulator is used when accurate delivery pressure is important. A two-stage regulator reduces the cylinder pressure to a working level in two steps. The cylinder pressure is reduced by the first stage to a preset intermediate level, which is then fed to the inlet of the second stage.

Since the inlet pressure to the second stage is so regulated, the delivery pressure (manually set by means of the adjusting handle) is unaffected by changes in the cylinder pressure. Thus, the two-stage pressure regulator provides precise control of the gas being consumed. A two-stage regulator performs best when it is attached to the cylinder and adjusted to the desired reduced pressure, and then remains in service until the cylinder is ready for change out. When a gas pressure regulator is operated within the manufacturer's recommended procedures and is not abused, it provides many years of trouble-free service. Regulators are normally leak checked before they are shipped from the manufacturer.