Argon Gas


Argon Gas

We supply all types of normal to Instrumental grade Argon gas, which is available in an unadulterated form. It is un-flammable, non-toxic inert gas; therefore, it is a cold gas. It can be better applied in areas where thermal conductivity is low. It is used in the process of welding, steel making, heat treatment, and manufacture of electronics and in various metallurgical applications. It is a certified product and is used in various industries such as automobile industry, pharmaceutical industry, fabrication industry and chemical industry. It is available in an economical market price.


o Purity: 99.999%

o Oxygen < 2 PPM

o Moisture < 2 PPM

o Nitrogen < 2PPM

o Mixture of: Argon + Co2 & Ar + N2

o Ratio of gases: 80:20, 70:30 and as per requirement.

o Weight: Customized