Carbon Dioxide


Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide is a molecule with a molecular formula CO2. At room temperature (20–25 C) CO2 is odourless, colourless, gas which is faintly acidic & non-flammable.

o CO2 mainly consists in gaseous form, but it also has a solid & liquid form. It can be only solid when the temperature is below 78 C. CO2 is only water soluble, when pressure is maintained.

o After pressure drops the CO2 gas will try to escape to air.

o It is used in soft drinks & beer to make them fizzy. CO2 released by baking powder or yeast makes cake batter rise.

o The solid form of CO2 known as Dry Ice is used in theatres to create stage fogs & make things like “Magic Potions” bubbles.

o CO2 is highly soluble in water at moderate pressure, in oils and plastics at elevated pressures.

o Zero Air is a kind of atmospheric air that is purified to contain less then 0.1ppm total hydrocarbons.

o The air is used in food, chemical, petrochemical, automobile and various other industries.

o It is also used for various testing purposes.